High Calorie Low GI Food

If you are diabetic, it is very important to have food which would not spike your blood glucose levels. There are many who lose their weight due to diabetes and for them it is ideal to have food which would provide more calories, good micronutrients and is of low GI (Glycemic Index). I am on intermittent fasting for about a year now and I find food with high calories and low GI very useful as my eating window is low and I am able eat sufficient calories so that I can maintain my ideal weight.

Tips for healthy eating for diabetes

  1. There are two types of people, one who live to eat and others who eat to live. If you are a person, who is living to eat, you should move to the other group, eat to live

  2. Serve everything what you are going to eat so that you will know what and how much you are eating.

  3. Have fixed time for eating

  4. Make sure that you are having food as much natural as possible (No Processed food).

  5. Eat food with high fibre

  6. Chew and eat

Food with high calorie and low glycemic index


Lentils / Dal

A very common food in India

Sprouted Grams

Soya beans

Peanut / Almond Butter

Cottage Cheese / Paneer

Almonds / Walnuts

Greek Yogurt


I have 2-3 eggs everyday which is very rich with essential micronutrients




Some more diabetic friendly food

  1. Ghee

  2. Butter

  3. Olive Oil

  4. Rolled or stealcut oats

  5. Millets like Foxtail, Jawar, Bajra

  6. Avoid high fat milk and go for almond / hazelnut / cardamom milk (Unsweetened)

  7. Carrot

  8. Kidney bean