Diabetes and Testosterone

Is testosterone level related to diabetes? Does diabetes causes fall in testosterone level? How important is testosterone harmone for men and women? How do I increase my testosterone level naturally?

What is testosterone ?

Testosterone is a steroid hormone, more commonly known as men sex hormone because men have more testosterone than women.

Testosterone in males is important for the development of masculine features including the male genitals and other male characteristics including facial hair, deepening of the voice and muscle development. [Source]

It is natural that the testosterone level reduces in men after the age of 40 (1-2% every year)

It is found that people with diabetes 2 have low testosterone level.

Symptoms of low testosterone level

Some of the symptoms of low testosteron level

  1. Low libido, erectile dysfunction

  2. Fatigue

  3. Low motivation

  4. Increased body fat, especially around the abdomen

  5. Increased sweating

Is Testosterone related to diabetes?

There are research showing that low level of testosterone and diabetes has relationship. Is it because of diabetes the testosterone level goes down or the other way round?

Testosterone plays in important role in fat storage - Subcutaneous and Visceral

Subcutaneous means under the skin and visceral means around the abdominal area.

Low testosterone level has shown increase storage of fat near the abdominal area in men and high testosterone level in women has shown storage of fat around the abdomen (Visceral Fat) which is one of the reason for diabetes or insulin insensitivity.

Low testosterone level is a reason for low libido and motivation, loss of muscle mass and could be diabetes.

Ideal fat percentage in healthy humans

If you are able to maintain around 20-24% body fat, then it would be healthy.

Check out the ideal fat percentage looking into your age and gender

Ideal Fat Percentage

How to increase testosterone naturally ?

  1. Physical Activities

    • High Intensity Interval Exercises (HIIT)

    • Strength training

    • Weight training

    • Leg Exercise , Squats , dead lifts

  2. Food rich in Vitamin D like egg yolk, tuna, beef, oyesters, shell fish, legumes, etc

  3. Reduce Stress - Stress releases cortisols which blocks the effects of testosterone

  4. Herbal medicines like Gokshura and Ashwagandha are good test boosters

It is suggested to avoid using any other forms like injections or any other drugs without consulting your doctor.

Testosterone and aging

Research has shown that higher level of testosterone slows down ageing.

So how imporant is testosterone for health and diabetes?

Good level of testosterone would be helpful in all ways, but as a person ages the level would go down. It is good to have your testosteron level checked if you are having any of the symptoms above or if you are diabetic. There are very natural ways to improve testosterone levels and that would help in fighting diabetes naturally

In case of women, higher level of testosteron is not good.

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