Fighting Diabetes

Fighting diabetes for the last 2 decades - Sharing my experiences

Diabetes is a condition not a disease and if you understand what exactly it is then you can live a very normal life for years

I was diagnosed diabetes at my early 30's. I was losing weight, feeling thirsty, frequent urination, sugar level spiking and then droping and all sorts of problems. Some tell me not to eat rice, instead eat wheat, some tell me eat lots of fruits some tell me eat bitter guads and hundreds of advices.

Now its almost 2 decades that I am fighting diabetes and I am not at all worried. Now its me who decides how much my sugar level should be. I know what to eat and how much to eat.

In this blog, I share all my experiences fighting diabetes which can be done by everyone who is diabetic.

Diabetes is a condition which can be kept under control by following a disciplined lifestyle, regular health checkup and right medication. Disciplined lifestyle will include daily workouts, right food in right quantity at right time.

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